Lynn and Claude Dixson are native New Brunswickers who, with their five children, have been running a family beef cattle operation in Harvey since 1975.  The plans for Shepody Pheasant Preserve were 'hatched' in 1989 and the facility opened that year with three zones and 500 birds. 


Now over 7,000 upland game birds challenge the skills of guests from all over the world.  The Dixson family also added acreage and improved the terrain since then. 

The preserve, which borders a Ducks Unlimited marshland and is nearby the Mary's Point Bird Sanctuary, now encompasses five distinct zones, each with diverse cover and landscape.


Hunting Terrain

Zones are divided by nature's own boundaries and Claude's own signage to ensure hunter safety. Comprising 400 acres, they are spacious as well, allowing each group solitude and room to roam. Wetlands, marsh, meadow, forest, scrub growth - all spread over gently rolling hills - will challenge the hardiest of hunters and the most skilled of flushers and pointers.

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Designing and grooming the area is an ongoing project and each year a new section of land is further developed. Claude uses his broad background in farming to create an environment that supplies plenty of natural cover, promoting a sense of security for the birds after their release. Planting hedge rows of grain for vegetative cover and overhead protection also permits freedom of movement at ground level, allowing an easy move in on the bird.

The quality of cover makes the hunt, so miles of groomed trails through brush growth combines easy walking with challenging shooting. Zone 1 incorporates level trails through bush and field, with trees bordering, and a gentle grade perfect for those unable to negotiate long distances or rough terrain.

Acres of agricultural fields are also perfect for dog work or training. Guests desiring a real skill workout for themselves and their dogs, will find this landscape ideally suited for the task.

Updated 11 September 2016
Shepody Pheasant Hunting Preserve 2004
206 Mary's Point Rd.
Harvey, Albert Co., New Brunswick    CANADA